10 Common Mistakes To Avoid When Answering PDF Questions

These are the 10 common mistakes which Maths Methods students should avoid when answering probability density function questions.

Take a note of them and avoid these mistakes.

1. Forgetting the total area under the graph of a PDF is equal to 1.

2. Ignoring the domain of a PDF when asked to sketch a graph.

3. Not sketching ‘0 Elsewhere’ section of the PDF.

4. Not showing open or closed circles at end points of graph.

5. Not using a ruler to sketch straight lines.

6. Not giving answers in the required form ie rounding off incorrectly or not providing exact answers when required.

7. Rounding off probabilities before getting to the final answer.

8. Using the wrong formula to workout the Mean and Median.

9. Not knowing how to apply the conditional probability rule.

10. Writing incorrect terminals when integrating.

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