About us

“I failed my methods SAC”

I’m doing well in my other subjects but struggling so hard and losing motivation for Methods.

Hi, my name is Pariz, the creator of Maths Methods Club.

Over the years of tutoring I’ve noticed that you may be working hard in Methods, practicing all the textbook questions, feeling pretty confident going into the SAC but find yourself dumbfounded when it comes to the actual SAC (or exam).

It feels terrible failing anything, but it feels even worse because you studied so hard and revised for weeks on end.

“How am I going to cope with exams? Is it still possible to get a decent study score”

MY goal

Help Methods Students Score Higher on Their SACs and Exams.

After years of figuring out what separates the “high achievers” from everyone else, I finally cracked the code.

If you ask how can I improve in methods?, many people will tell you “practice, practice, practice”.

But they never tell you what to practice or how to practice.

The top achievers don’t mindlessly spam textbook questions and call it practice.

They practice, but they practice tons of exam style questions.

So I used to tell my students the best way to prepare for your SACs (and exams) is through practicing exam questions,

and for the how?

You practice topic by topic.

I believe learning Methods comes down to repeated exposure to a topic, but from slightly different angles and perspectives.

This is where your textbook fails you. Textbook questions are not designed to resemble exam-style questions.

Don’t get me wrong, textbooks are good for learning the basics, but they won’t prepare you for the SACs (or exams) on their own.

This is why you get all motivated because you can do some textbook questions, then you go sit the SAC (or exam) and you look at it and be like WTF.

Thus, my motivation behind creating the Maths Methods Club.

How This Resource Can Help You Improve in Methods

Step by Step Video Solutions:

I walk you through and explain how to approach over 1500 exam questions. The videos are short and concise making it easier for you to understand the topics.

Group Past Exam Questions into 35 Topics:

Now you can instantly expose yourself to a variety of ways questions can be asked in relation to one topic.

The more you confront and gain exposure to different question types, the more you will get used to them and eventually become confident in attempting them in a SAC or exam.

Filter Down by Question Type:

You can now instantly filter past exam questions by tech free, multiple choice or extended response.

Which means you can concentrate and fine tune your skills to answer tech free and tech active questions.

What Students Say

Definitely recommend this website to anyone doing maths methods, even if you think you’re not struggling. Such a great resource and its all in one website in one piece – will save you a lot of stress in the future!!

Plenty of past exam questions with clear and straightforward explanations. Website is also easy to navigate. Great learning and revision tool.

I have been using this service for a week, all the videos are just amazing! they go through exam questions and go through a detailed breakdown of the questions. this service is absolutely worth it and is a quick way to understand complex ideas and techniques within the methods scope. I highly recommend it!

The explanation for the questions are great! It help me so much to understand the question get encouraged. I would definitely recommend other students to use this platform to gain more support in VCE Methods

The organisation of the site is beautiful with the filters provided. The explanations for the answers to the questions is so clear and concise that the hardest questions in the exams appear so simple. A great tool for those who want to extend themselves and push their level of understanding to a higher level.

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