Are Maths Methods Workshops Worth It?

“Hey, are Methods workshops worth going to?”

It cost about 100 bucks. I heard students are going from getting Cs to As, Jimmy asked me.

It was around April time and the first term holidays were around the corner.

Jimmy was considering going to a Methods workshop held during the weekend.

Here’s how our conversation went:

Me: Let me ask you something.

Jimmy: OK

Me: If you didn’t know how to speak 
Spanish – do you think you’d learn to speak it well after a 6 hour Spanish class?

Jimmy: Na. No Way

Me: Why not?

Jimmy: There’s no way I’d learn Spanish in
6 hours. Plus I’m really crap at languages.

Me: Exactly

Well learning maths is just like learning another language.

A 6 hour class isn’t really gonna help you. In fact not just learning maths but for learning any skill.
You can’t learn Maths Methods and be good at it in 6 hours. That’s wishful thinking.

To be good at Methods you need to study a few hours a week. CONSISTENTLY.

Yeh – you might pick up some basics here and there from the Methods workshop.

But, you can find all the basic concepts taught FREE on YouTube.

Hundreds of hours of videos – from various teachers – absolutely Free – available to view anytime.

So I suggest,  instead of spending a whole day travelling to get to the workshop and sitting down 6 hours in a lecture room – use that time wisely and watch free YouTube math videos.

You’ll learn much more – save heaps of time and heaps of money. 

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