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Maths Methods Bound Reference

Designed for students studying Year 12 Maths Methods – this bound reference can be used while studying, revising or even as a ‘safety net’ for exam 2 in case you have a mental blank.

If you’re worried and wasting a lot of time and energy writing up a bound reference (aka cheat sheet) – in all honesty you probably won’t even use it during the exams.

Your time is best spent by actually doing practice exam questions.

For this reason I have made one for you. A bound reference grouped by the topics studied in Maths Methods.

It covers pretty much everything you need to know to do well in Methods. All the equations, formulas you need, some examples, tips and even common mistakes to avoid.

This way you can focus your time and energy practicing exam questions and strengthening your understanding of the subject – which is what the SACs and exams are all about.

Just another shortcut to help you get higher study scores in Methods.

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Here’s some Maths Methods tips & advice