Literally Every Maths Methods Student Should Do This ASAP

If you want to succeed in Maths Methods and achieve the study score you want – even if you’re an average student…

then keep reading because I talk about how you can.

You see, Maths Methods is a subject that builds on previous topics.

Not only previous topics covered in units 3 but also from topics covered in Methods units 1 & 2…

and what usually happens is that the students who don’t spend enough time to fully understand a topic before moving on to the next, down the track…

when covering the last few topics, these same students struggle and find it difficult to grasp newer concepts.

Here’s an example of what I mean.

If you don’t properly learn the anti-diff rules to integrate – then you might struggle to find the area under a curve or finding the average value of a function, or even finding the probability of an event given a PDF.

The challenge with Maths Methods is that it combines knowledge from previous topics…

So, here’s what you need to do:

as soon as you finish covering a topic – you need to make sure you fully understand that topic before moving on to the next.

By fully understanding I don’t mean being able to answer your textbook questions. 


You need to be able to answer exam style questions.


Because exam style questions will really test your understanding on that topic.

If you’re not able to answer exam style questions while the topic is fresh in your mind – trying to answer exam questions at the end of the year is going be tough.

Now you can buy various study guides that can help you practice exam questions by topic

– and they are great –

The only problem with study guides is that questions are only grouped into only 6 main topics – and it’s usually the multiple-choice questions.

Here’s where the Maths Methods Club can help you succeed in Methods faster than any other resource you’ve tried…

Every single Methods exam question – with video solutions – asked from 2006 has been grouped into 35 smaller topics…

not only that – but you can also group questions by tech free, multiple choice or extended response.

so, no matter what topic your learning – you can practice and learn exam style questions related to that one specific topic …

this way you can quickly find gaps in your knowledge and go back and fill those gaps on each topic.

Whether you use the Maths Methods Club or any other resource – the bottom line when it comes to succeeding in Methods is that you want to make sure you’re fully confident with a topic before moving on to the next.

Just this one change will go a long way in helping you succeed in methods and achieve the study score you want.

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