The Truth About Maths Methods Textbooks They Don’t Tell You About

Maths Methods exams scare many students.

I don’t blame them.

Methods exams are hard and having student sit the exams totally unprepared is like seeing a rookie fighter entering a fighting ring facing a kickboxing pro?

An unprepared rookie vs a trained kickboxing pro, who do you think is going to win?

Well just like the untrained rookie fighter – if you enter that exam room, untrained, unprepared, facing the exams –

Guess what? Chances are you’re going to get knocked out.

Here’s the truth about Maths Method textbooks they don’t tell you about.

The textbook should NOT be used to prepare you for the SACss and exams.

The purpose of the textbook is to teach you the basics and the fundamentals (which is obviously very important).

It’s like the rookie fighter learning the fighter stance, the jab, the cross, the hook or the basic kick.

But knowing these basic skills – when it comes to fighting in the ring is nowhere near enough.

As a fighter to survive you need to be able to throw combinations, a Jab, cross, left hook, low kick – and be able to do this fast – without thinking – in a seamless sequence.

This can only happen through daily practice, and regular sparring. ie practice fighting

Similarly, when it comes to tackling your exams, if you only practice textbook questions and you walk into that exam room – guess what?

You’re untrained, unprepared and chances are you’re going to get knocked out.

But, if you want to smash the living daylights out of your SACS and exams and earn your dream study score then you must prepare by practicing exam questions. 

Even if its 10-15 mins a day.

As with fighting, start with the easier questions, and then try harder questions as you progress.

What ever you do, do not delay practicing past papers.

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