What Maths Methods Students Can Learn From Mike Tyson

Mike Tyson was one of the most intelligent fighters in history.

Part of the training his coach Cus D’amata implemented was to watch videos of all the great fighters.

Tyson’s intelligence came from studying the greats, adopting what worked and removing what didn’t.

You’ve probably heard it before, if you want to be successful copy what the successful are doing.

The same goes with studying Maths Methods.

If you want to be successful and achieve a high study score in Methods – then you need to do what the top students do – adopt what is working and remove what isn’t.

What top students don’t do is highlight every second line of their textbook, or read over and write long summary notes or snack on ‘brain’ food.

Hey, where’s me almonds?

What top students do that works is they study consistently throughout the year.

Maths is a skill that needs to be exercised regularly.

So you can’t slack off for one week and cram the next. You need to be consistent with your study.

So, make sure you don’t neglect Methods and work on it for like 30 mins daily or even every second day.

Another thing top students do is practice a lot of questions and learn from their mistakes.

By practicing, I mean exposing yourself to different styles of questions especially exam like questions and noting down any mistakes you make.

Writing down and reflecting on your mistakes is the best way to learn.

Now, If you want to practice various questions login to the Maths Methods Club where you can find the biggest collection of VCE Maths Methods units 3 & 4 questions.

And if you do make a mistake – just watch the video solution to find out what your mistake was so you can avoid making the same mistake next time.  

As much as anything, your end study score is affected by a number of factors, and one of the biggest factors is the amount of time you dedicate to practicing questions, reviewing your mistakes and learning from them.  

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