Why Practicing Maths Methods Exam Questions is Crucial

Practicing Exam Questions is Crucial When it Comes to…

Preparing for your Maths Methods SACs and exams.

Here’s a simple test that I gave my students to help them understand the importance of practicing exam questions.

If I asked you can read aloud the alphabets from A to Z – you’d be like OH OK – this is easy peasy.

Cool. So here’s the test.

Read the alphabets BACKWARDS.

How many of you can do it? and the ones who can do it, how fast and accurate did you do it?

Be honest. Did you pass or fail this test?

Now here’s the lesson.

Textbook questions are like reading the alphabets in order – the questions are straightforward and usually follow the same process.

For instance you’re given a function and asked and sketch the graph.

But when you sit the SAC or exam – your told here’s the graph give me the rule of the function.

See how it’s backwards.

So if you haven’t practiced these types of questions – you wont be able to answer the questions in the SAC or Exam accurately or fast enough.

What matters at the end of the day is your SAC and Exam scores – so it only makes sense you have enough practice of exam questions to ensure you’re confident with the types questions you can get asked.

BTW join the Maths Methods Club because there’s about 1700 past Methods exam questions and solutions for you to practice and learn from.

Anyways don’t neglect practicing exam questions otherwise you will be caught of guard.

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