Why You Should Study Maths Methods During The Summer Holidays

Imagine you’re about to run a 10K marathon, competing against 100s of runners,

but for this race, you were told that you can get a 20 minutes head start.

What do you think your chances of winning this race is – given this huge advantage?

Quite high I would say.

Well similarly, studying Maths Methods is like running a marathon. (a 10 month long marathon) 

From February to November you have about 10 months to study, and if you start studying during the summer holidays, you’ve just given yourself a 1-2 months head start. 

This means you now have a huge advantage over other students – ie your competition, and are more likely to get a higher study score. 

You see, most students start studying for Methods only when school starts. The problem with this is that most schools dont finish the course right upto or mid October. 

So what happens is that you don’t really get much time to revise or learn exam style questions – as a result you’re less prepared for your exams. 

But if you start early and work ahead of your class – then while all the other students are still learning the basic concepts, you’ve already completed the course and have more time learning exam style questions. 

Giving you a much higher chance of doing well in Maths Methods. 

This is the high achievers secret. They start studying early and keep themselves ahead of the cohort. 

The take home point – if you want to do well in Methods and finish up with a great study score then spend a few hours a week studying during the holidays. 

Not only will this help you during the year with your SACs but come end of the year you’d be in a much better position to performing well in Methods compared to the rest of the students. 

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